Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hudson is….almost….crawling!

Our little guy has started rolling all over the house! 
He is very proud of himself and he get cuter every day.

 This is the side pose. Sometimes he just teeters back and forth til he decides which way he wants to go.
 Alright guys I'm ready. now all I have to do is figure out how to move these arms and legs in this position.
 The classic Hudson fish flop! I need to get this on video so you can see it in motion. :)
 Push ups anyone?

 Strike a pose! I love my little cheeser!
 Playing with Daddy. Love that belly!!
 Vroom Vroom!
 Checkin out his new toy.
I know I've said it before but this guy LOVES to play! As I write this he is rolling around the living room stopping every few rolls to play with his toys (and my curtains….) We are so blessed to have such a happy fun loving baby!

Hudson's First Christmas

 Hudson had his first Christmas! He loved it! All of the wrapping paper, lights and people loving on him is his kind of fun!
 I had fun dressing my baby in Christmas pajamas. These ones have snowmen on them.
 Hudson still loves his jumper. These are his real Christmas jammies, they have a little of everything on them.
Hudson loves to play… the older he gets he likes playing on his belly. He sure is a silly baby! 

 I let Hudson open a present a few days early. He knew exactly what to do! I couldn't believe it!
 Of course you can't have wrapping paper around without some of it going in your mouth.
 Now we must focus on this wrapping paper….

 Good morning, Hudson!!! It's Christmas!!!
 Santa (Daddy) Thought Hudson needed a ball in his stocking :) Hudson agreed.
 The classic Christmas picture. Surrounded by toys and wrapping paper.
A quick shot of Daddy smiling on Christmas morning.