Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Bugs

Hudson's first Valentine's Day has come & gone. He is already 9 months old and growing up way to fast! These first three pictures may not mean much to you because its the back of two peoples heads, but the story is one that will stay with me forever. 
 Lately when Hudson is cranky I often put a Baby Einsteins movie on for him. He LOVES it. He will sit through the entire 20 min. video. Nathan took the time to watch the DVD with Hudson.
 The sweetest thing happened. Hudson would reach over and hug on Nathan as if to say "Thanks, Dad for watching this with me." It melted my heart. 
These are my two love bugs. They are crazy about each other & I'm crazy about them.

 Nathan & I took Hudson on a Valentine's Day walk. Little did we know it was really windy out and kind of cold. So we made it a quick walk. I think we are all looking forward to spring :)
 A quick shot with my little man.
Just thought I'd add another picture of Hudson in the jumper. Its days are limited. We are moving on to the days of the walker… which Hudson is surprisingly good at maneuvering… More to come soon!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day

 We got about 3 inches of snow today and finally got to take Hudson out to play!!
 Hudson laying on Daddy to stay warm.
 Hudson feeling snow for the first time. He really wanted me to take off his mittens but it was just too cold!
 Me and my boy!
 Hudson and Daddy with our snow man. We didn't decorate it very well though...
 Hudson and I with the snow man.
 Daddy took Hudson for a ride in the snow.
 He loves being outside.
 Nathan & I
 Its like a sleigh ride with wheels!
 I think he's getting cold...
 One last look before we head inside to warm up.
Headed inside to shed all our layers. Hudson really enjoyed the snow but hated getting dressed to go out. I think if he could talk he would talk he would say it was worth it! :)