Monday, October 13, 2014

The Last Four Months!

It has been four months since I last posted & I apologize for not keeping up! I have lots of excuses but instead of listing them out how about I just show you cute pictures of my sweet boy and catch a up to date :) 

In the last four months we....
Hudson enjoyed the animals at the local zoo.

Took a trip out to a cute little western town called Prarie Song.

Fell asleep while eating lunch... 

Finished off the box of vanilla wafers! 

Always push the limits to see what we can accomplish....

Hudson helped himself to the leftover Oreos in trash can! 

Then Hudson finished off the leftovers from the pan.... Do you think he has sweet tooth? 

Enjoyed time outside playing with chalk.

Picked & ate a zucchini from the garden :)

Once again helped himself to something sweet in the kitchen....

Apparently I give Hudson a lot of sweets....

And even posed sweetly for a quick picture. 
These are just a few highlights of the last four months. Another update (not pictured) is we are expecting a baby girl the end of December & are thrilled! 
We also went on vacation & moved recently so I promise to post pictures from that soon! 
Hope you enjoy pictures of my sweet boy! 

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