Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hanging with Mom & a Visit to Mimi and Papa's

People say the older you get the faster time flies. I believe them! Since Hudson's arrival I can't believe how fast time goes by. It seems like I look at the clock and its always 7 PM and all I've accomplished that day is the dishes and dinner. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Those of you that know me at all know that I'm pretty OCD about cleaning my house. I'm not sure why but I actually enjoy cleaning and I love having a clean house. So having a mountain of unfolded laundry and bathrooms that need to be cleaned sitting around is driving me crazy but I would much rather spend all of my time playing with my adorable little boy. So thats what I do. Life couldn't get any better and the messes will get cleaned up eventually. :)
 Here he is.. Our precious Hudson playing on his play mat.
 It seems odd to me to post a picture of myself sleeping but I had to laugh when I went through my pictures on my camera and found it. This is one of my favorite and sometimes necessary things to do. Nap time!
 Hudson swinging in his swing while watching Baby Einstein's 
 I wish this was a video because lil man recently started cooing A LOT and he is showing the camera how to carry on a conversation here.
 Smiley boy
 Happy Hudson in his PJs
 Zonked out on Aunt Haylee
 Hudson's first trip to Mimi and Papa's house. Cheesin for the camera!
 Papa and Hudson
Mimi, Papa & Hudson. Normally Hudson would be smiling but it was bedtime so this was the best we could get this time. I think he enjoyed his first trip to Mimi & Papa's house :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hudson's First Trip to Nana & Gampa's

Hudson was 7 weeks and 1 day old as we took off to see his Nana and Gampa. He slept the entire 7 hour drive with an hour long eating stop. I've never traveled with someone that young before but if you ask me I'll tell you my son is an angel! 
 These are the overalls that his Great Grandma Boppy gave him :)
 Road trip!
 Ahhh...Made it all the way there and he is happily snoozin.
 Happy 4th of July!! All 6 of Nana & Gampa's grandbabies saying cheese!
 This is my brother-in-law holding his almost 2 week daughter. She is precious!
 Taking a nap amongst the hustle and bustle of 4th of July activities. 
 My nephew in his Americana apparel. Him and his 2 sisters made these shirts. Aren't they cute?!
 Such good friends! 
 This is my other brother-in-law preparing the fish for the grill.
 Gampa & Nana taking a moment to relax on the patio.
 Me & my beautiful niece
 My sis-in-law and Great Grandma Boppy
 My hubby, Hudson, and my other sister-in-law
 The family of 4 with their latest addition!
 Precious baby girl!
 The Girls
 Great Grandma Mozzie with her 2 new grandbabies!
 Hudson has a silly face but his cousin is as cute as a button in this pic!
 Okay, We tried to get pictures of these two little ones. TRIED is the key word here. We had a blast taking them but I don't think any of them actually turned out. So here is the blooper reel from our photo shoot.
 This picture cracks me up! This lil girl isnt sure what to think of Hudson.
 Now they're happy...

 Cheese! I love that smile!
The end! Hope you enjoyed the many faces of these two cuties!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Little Cutie Pie

Everyday with this guy is so much fun. I feel so blessed to have such a precious little boy to raise.
 Its tummy time again. He is actually starting to like it and has already learned
to roll from his belly to his back!
 I love him with this hood on his head. :)
 My two guys. How cute is it that Nathan fell asleep with Hudson's binkie in his mouth!!!
 Hudson has his frog hat on with his shirt that says "Off to Grandma's"
 Look at that cute belly! He has gone from screaming during every single diaper chat to having long "conversations" with me while I change it.
 Sleepy boy.
 We went to camp Cyokamo with Nathan this year and stayed in a hotel because this momma is not much of a camper with a 6 week old.
Time for a family swim! Hudson and I didn't get in but it sure was nice being down by the pool for a while.