Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hudson is 4 Months Old!!

 Hudson is growing so fast! I can't believe my baby is already 4 months. I have loved every single minute of being Hudson's mommy.
 Some friends of ours gave us a swing for Hudson to play in. He isn't too sure about it yet....

 REALLY unsure about this....
 Hmmm... It's not that bad...
Ahhh... I kinda like this thing :)
 Hudson's favorite toy these days is the jumparoo. He doesn't really jump, he kind of just sways with it.
 A little cuddle time with Mimi
 A visit from Haylee & Mimi. They were so excited!
 Hudson loves to play. Everyday he figures out more and more how to play with his toys.
 Mimi got Hudson this mirror. He is absolutely fascinated by it!
 This blue ball is his favorite toy but it makes him mad because he can't fit in his mouth. Haha! The problems of a 4 month old.

 Play time with Mimi. This guy is so much fun, he melts my heart.
To wrap things up a couple of pictures with mom & dad. Happy 4 Months Big Guy!!! We love you so much!!!

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