Monday, March 24, 2014

Hudson's First Haircut

 The time has finally come to cut our little man's hair. My only hold back was that he wouldn't look like a baby anymore. Now that its cut he still looks like my precious baby Hudson. Take a look for yourself! :)
 Before picture. The front is getting long. This is also Hudson's favorite thing to do lately, stand up holding on with one hand.
 Chasing Teaspoon around the house. (Another favorite thing to do.)
 Getting ready so we don't get hair everywhere.
 Quick smile with mom, he isn't too excited...

 A little squirt down.
 He liked it!
 Gotta check to make sure Mom is still there.

 Hehehe… Just having a little fun. 
 The first cut. He did really well. There was a lot of moving but he didn't cry (thanks to his dad's great entertainment!) & we both came out of it without either one of us bleeding!

 Loving the spiky look!
Silly me didn't get an after shot. We went straight to the bath tub. I'll post one soon so you can see my cutie pie all nice and clean cut :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yummy Spaghetti

 Hudson is now 9 1/2 months old. He is happy fun little guy that I get the pleasure to spend my days with. He laughs easily, can put himself in a sitting position all by himself, is learning to wave and about two weeks ago started CRAWLING! All of these things are huge accomplishments in our house (especially the crawling.) He was getting around just fine before by rolling but he amazes us everyday how much his skills are improving and what he manages to get into.

 Daddy & Hudson playing. Hudson was having a great time pulling his dad's hair!
 Now that Hudson is 9 months old we are slowly starting him on table food. This was our first go round with spaghetti.
 He loved it!
He even tried self feeding with a spoon. 

Just a couple pictures of my sweetie pie. I love the one on the right, he looks so stoic...