Saturday, September 28, 2013

Seriously Cereal

After much debate and research we decided to start Hudson on cereal. He is only 4 1/2 months but this boy is hungry and needs to eat!

 He is very unsure as to why he is sitting in this strange chair and naked....

 There we go! Starting off like a champ! It didn't take long for him to figure out that he liked it.

 Daddy taking a turn feeding Hudson... I'm not sure who is more focused on that task at hand...

 My cheesy baby. He is so happy being a big boy!

 We are now on day two of cereal and he likes it even more! I will keep you posted as the adventure continues!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

All Smiles

I feel so blessed. Hudson is so happy, hilarious and fun! I created a blog so I could brag on my baby and show off all of his pictures to friends and family. Bragging I can do. He is just too cute not to!
 Hudson loves his mirror...
 He is cheesin it up before church Sunday morning
 Why hello there Handsome!
 Hudson is doing great at holding on to his toys and throwing them and eating them...
 Going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.
 Smiling at Daddy. Hudson loooves his daddy!
 Smiling at mommy :)
 Silly boy... You're not supposed to eat the toy...
 This picture looks silly, but this is the face Hudson gives me when he is excited about being naked haha!
 So we took some naked pictures... He is very proud of himself
 Hudson is still a little short to move around in his walker but he loves it!
 This is a big toy but Hudson treats it as if its a tiny little thing and tosses it around like the others
 Playing before bedtime
 Our big boy is learning how to sit up... I'm so proud of him!
 Hudson is one happy boy who likes to smile and laugh. He lights up our world!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hudson is 4 Months Old!!

 Hudson is growing so fast! I can't believe my baby is already 4 months. I have loved every single minute of being Hudson's mommy.
 Some friends of ours gave us a swing for Hudson to play in. He isn't too sure about it yet....

 REALLY unsure about this....
 Hmmm... It's not that bad...
Ahhh... I kinda like this thing :)
 Hudson's favorite toy these days is the jumparoo. He doesn't really jump, he kind of just sways with it.
 A little cuddle time with Mimi
 A visit from Haylee & Mimi. They were so excited!
 Hudson loves to play. Everyday he figures out more and more how to play with his toys.
 Mimi got Hudson this mirror. He is absolutely fascinated by it!
 This blue ball is his favorite toy but it makes him mad because he can't fit in his mouth. Haha! The problems of a 4 month old.

 Play time with Mimi. This guy is so much fun, he melts my heart.
To wrap things up a couple of pictures with mom & dad. Happy 4 Months Big Guy!!! We love you so much!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hudson Likes to Play

Hudson is 3 1/2 months now and if he isn't sleeping or eating this boy is playing. He loves to play. He plays with his toys, Mom, Dad, and sometimes he just looks around and gets excited. He is one happy boy.
 Rolling over.
 Just chillin while in the process of rolling over...
 Getting some nakie baby play time in with his Mimi
 Hudson getting smooched on by his Auntie Haylee
 This is a picture of Hudson wearing the shoes his Grandma Boppie got him, but why would you look at the camera when you can stare down your mobile?

  I know these pictures are pretty silly and maybe you had to be there but I think they cute! 

Big Boy You

When a baby is born we tend to call them every cutesy name in the book instead of just saying their name, and if we do say their name we tend to add something to it like "Oh you little Hudson Pudson aren't you just the cutest wutest!" Or at least that is what happens at our house. 
 Hudson's name in our house is Big Boy You. He is beginning to know that as his name and he likes it!
 Hudson Wudson pouting... :(
 A little smirk with his tongue out
 The other day Hudson went to MOPs with me... and slept...
 Hudson went out to lunch... and fell asleep playing when we got home...
 And Hudson went to walmart.... and crashed and burned when we got home. Needless to say I've got one great kid!
(I took this picture because I love how he crosses his feet in his sleep:)
 Hudson and Daddy...This may be one of my favorite pictures :)
Big Boy You is ready for yet another outing and he did great!