Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014!

Happy Halloween!! This year Hudson got to decorate his own pumpkin and go trick or treating!
When paint pumpkins we also paint ourselves... Note the leg :)

Apparently the paint didn't taste very good though.

He had so much fun! I think he would've painted the rest of the day if I had let him.

Mr. Hudson was a Super Mario brother by day.

He hated wearing his hat!

This isn't a very good picture but the hat is on!

Mr. Fix It

Mario fixing something with his tools.

Last one before we bundled him up to go trick or treating!

Once again not a good picture because it was dark. If you look really hard this is a pic of Hudson trick or treating. The first couple of houses Hudson tried to give the candy back. By the end of the night he was hollering at the people to answer the door then put on an angelic face as he took the candy. Next year is gonna be interesting! 

Lately Hudson has een very grumpy in the evenings. This is a picture of him helping himself to a sucker. Let's just say he was VERY pleasant after he enjoyed the dum dum. 

Mommy's little zebra! He was such cute cuddly zebra. 
Happy Halloween !