Monday, October 21, 2013

Dallas 2013

We just took Hudson on his first trip to Texas. Every time we go somewhere I feel so blessed with such a wonderful baby. He slept almost the whole way there and then slept pretty well that night. I hope he keeps this up as the years go on.
We stopped at Burger King for dinner. It is so exciting to get out of town :)
 Me and my lil baseball guy.
 Daddy & Hudson :)

 Made it to the hotel. Now time to a king size bed! Hudson loved hanging with us on the giant bed :)
 So cute in his pjs...
 Nathan outside the First Baptist Church in Dallas.
 This is the Texas School Book Depository where Oswald shot Kennedy. He was sitting on the 6th floor, the second floor from the top.
 Walking through downtown Dallas.
 Pool time! Hudson loved the water! Next time I'll bring a floaty so he can enjoy it.
 Tuckered out from all the driving and running around. He looks so cuddly here.
I just love that cheesy grin!

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