Thursday, September 26, 2013

All Smiles

I feel so blessed. Hudson is so happy, hilarious and fun! I created a blog so I could brag on my baby and show off all of his pictures to friends and family. Bragging I can do. He is just too cute not to!
 Hudson loves his mirror...
 He is cheesin it up before church Sunday morning
 Why hello there Handsome!
 Hudson is doing great at holding on to his toys and throwing them and eating them...
 Going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.
 Smiling at Daddy. Hudson loooves his daddy!
 Smiling at mommy :)
 Silly boy... You're not supposed to eat the toy...
 This picture looks silly, but this is the face Hudson gives me when he is excited about being naked haha!
 So we took some naked pictures... He is very proud of himself
 Hudson is still a little short to move around in his walker but he loves it!
 This is a big toy but Hudson treats it as if its a tiny little thing and tosses it around like the others
 Playing before bedtime
 Our big boy is learning how to sit up... I'm so proud of him!
 Hudson is one happy boy who likes to smile and laugh. He lights up our world!

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